Teikoku Pumps
Teikoku is the leading manufacturer of sealless canned motor pumps. After purchasing Chempump a number of years ago Teikoku has the largest product line of specialty sealless pumps in the world. These pumps can handle the most difficult services in chemical plants as well as handle hot oil applications reliably for years.
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Roth Pump
Complete line of regenerative turbines specializing in low NPSH applications. Condensate systems, ammonia pumping, low flow/high head applications.
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Carver Pump
The Carver product line is one of specialty centrifugal pumps for the varying industrial markets. Pump styles include horizontal and vertical end suction, multistage, axial split case, self-priming, API, and solids-handling pumps that all carry the same Carver high end quality. Markets range from the military to utility boiler feed, API and heavy duty chemical applications. These pumps are built to last.
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Doyle and Roth
Custom Fabrication of shell and tube design. All units are built to ASME Code and TEMA standards.
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Liquiflo Pump
Liquiflo manufactures high-quality Gear Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical industry with quick delivery capability. The pumps are made from high-alloy materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-C, Alloy-20 and Titanium. This pump is extremely versatile with seal and mag drive sealless combinations as it is used in almost every type of industrial market using fluids.
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Sulzer/ABS Submersible Pumps
An international leader of industrial wastewater submersible pumps, mixers, and aerators. The product line also includes process pumps and side/top entry mixers for the pulp and paper industry. ABS products can be found in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and power.
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Specialty design house for process skid manufacturing. Includes systems for pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and biotech. All design and manufacturing is done in-house to ISO 9001 standards. Pump distributor for general and specialty pump equipment including, Waukesha, Deming, Liquiflo, Grundfos, Hydra-Cell, Neptune and more.
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