Boiler Feed Pump Retrofit
The problem was an old boiler feed pump no longer matched up to the newer steam loads at a paper mill. The pump was running far back on the curve where it was inefficient and causing high shaft loading and premature bearing failure. Round Process Equipment and the customer reviewed the requirement and came up with a new Carver Pump RS series that would be an excellent fit for the current hydraulic requirements. The range of flow required a by-pass control valve as well as the use of a VFD. This change decreased motor HP, increased efficiency, reduced pump maintenance and was financed through the MAEEP program. The pump has been running continuously for over a year with no downtime.
Low NPSH Condensate Return
The condensate inlet line is only 18" off the floor at 212 F temperature. The Roth condensate unit can handle high temperature condensate with only 1 foot NPSHR. This allows a condensate unit to be used that has a small foot print with vertically mounted pumps. Any application with low condensate return can be handled with a Roth pump without adding any additional vertical height.